Anthrax attacks: American commercial venture

The German Greenpeace organisation has released information which points towards the source of the anthrax attacks being inside the USA, connected to a laboratory, who launched the campaign not to kill, but to obtain money in a climate of heightened anxiety regarding biological weapons.

Greenpeace Deutschland quoted American sources, confirmed by US delegates at the Geneva Conference on the application of the Convention in the UNO and reconfirmed by two experts. Jan van Aken and Barbara Rosenberg, advisor to president Clinton, agree that “The poisoned letters were not related with the Middle East problem”.

The origin appears to be an American microbiologist, a member of a programme to investigate biological weapons. He works in a laboratory, which may be owned by him. The objective of the letters was not to kill, but in an environment of growing panic at the possibility of attacks with biological weapons, he aimed to gain money through investment projects.

He is known to the authorities, according to the document in Greenpeace Deutschland.

The attempts to insinuate that Iraq was behind the attacks have been shown up to be false in the light of this information. Experts state that Iraq uses a procedure to fabricate and store anthrax with a product called “bentonite”, however this substance was not found on any of the poisoned letters found in the USA. What was found was a substance called “silica”, and this is what is used in the United States’ anthrax programme.