Sergei Nikolayev: people in Russian provinces give little credence to America

A regional research center in the city of Ulyanovsk (some 500km south-east of Moscow) has conducted a survey aiming to learn what impact the events of September 11th have had on the local people’s outlook.

Afghanistan, which has again become an international battlefield, turned out to be first on the of the countries most sympathized with by Ulyanovsk residents (Ulyanovsk is noted for the fact that Russia’s communist leader Vladimir Lenin was born there). And yet, Afghanistan was also mentioned in the questionnaires as a country presenting the biggest threat to our country.

Many of those surveyed are rather afraid of the USA, despite the recent unprecedented US-Russian rapprochement. The less the education level, the more fear of America the respondent displayed. Most distrustful of America are pensioners and housewives.

Many US opponents are annoyed by “this country’s strive for world dominance.” The events of September 11th failed to lead those distrustful to change their minds.

Sergei Nikolayev PRAVDA.Ru Ulyanovsk

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