George Harrison, thank you

Born on 25th February, 1943 in the borough of Hunts Cross, Liverpool, George Harrison won a scholarship to the Liverpool Institute, where he met Paul McCartney, his lifelong friend.

His success in the Beatles, along with John Lennon (murdered 21 years ago), Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and afterwards in solo works, made George Harrison one of the most successful musicians in history. In the 1980s, he formed the travelling Wilbury’s, along with Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and.Tom Petty.

Frank Sinatra described his song “Something” as “the greatest love song ever written” and among his many other hits were “Here Comes the Sun”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “My Sweet Lord”. However, George Harrison’s immense talent was not restricted to the area of music. He also sponsored many film projects, personally financing the Monty Python success, The Life of Brian, a pastiche and humorous look at the life of Jesus Christ.

A private man, in recent years George Harrison was rarely seen outside his mansion near London, where he was stabbed by an intruder in 1999. He did not like the attention of the media and his importance in the Beatles has been underestimated by some due to this.

Paul McCartney described his death as “a great loss” but he pointed out that the moment of death was peaceful and without pain “a peaceful , golden moment”. He asked for the media to protect Harrison’s wife, Olivia and son, Dhani, at this difficult moment.

Regarding modern music, George Harrison was often critical about lost musical values. “The more they jump, the bigger their hat is, the more people listen to their music”, he declared in an interview.

In another interview, he said that “The only thing that matters is selling and making money. It has nothing to do with talent”. He questioned how many famous groups today will be remembered in 30 years.

George Harrison certainly will. One of the things he hated most was other people speaking about him so to honour his name, a brief Thank you, now go to your Sweet Lord.