Freedom, Justice, Law, Conciliation: Basic Values Of All-Russia Party Yedinstvo And Otechestvo

Freedom, justice, law and conciliation are the basic values of the all-Russia party Yedinstvo and Otechestvo /Unity and Fatherland/ as stipulated in its draft program, announced Moscow Mayor and Otechestvo leader Yuri Luzhkov at the constituent congress of the new party. The draft program begins with a section about a strong state. "The country needs an efficient authority acting as a guarantor of political stability and inviolability of the constitutional system," stressed Luzhkov. He added, however, that authority could only be efficient on condition society can control it through parties and other public organisations. The next section is dedicated to the rise and development of civil society in Russia. "We intend to humanize state policy, protect people's rights, including the right of private property, and achieve real equality of men and women, equality of different nationalities and confessions," commented the Otechestvo leader. Yet another priority of the program deals with socially orientated market economy based on honest competition, universal rules and state support of domestic industry. Another goal mentioned in the document is to "turn Russia into a safe country" where protection of the state and protection of every citizen become a reality. In this connection, the all-Russia party Yedinstvo and Otechestvo is ready to support any improvements in the law-enforcing sphere and any steps the government might take towards a professional army and a judicial reform. Touching on development of federalism and related priorities, Luzhkov stressed the importance of the country's unity, clear division of power between the center and regions, and development of local self-government. The program of the new party is a far cry from equalizing communist ideas as well as from liberal shock therapy recipes, emphasized the Mayor. Instead, it combines the economic market reforms that Russia needs today with long-term social tasks. On the whole, the character of the new party as reflected in its program is based on a pragmatical combination of cautiousness and courage, tradition and active innovation, concluded Luzhkov.