Day Of Nuclear Fleet Is Celebrated For The First Time In Murmansk

Day of the Nuclear Fleet is being marked for the first time ever in Murmansk (a port on the Barents Sea and the centre of the Region, bearing the same name, in the Kola Peninsula) on Monday. As head of the press service of the Murmansk Sea Shipping Line (MMP) Vladimir Blinov said, the new holiday was initiated by the MMP and a number of public organisations. The choice of the date of the holiday was not fortuitous - the world's first nuclear ice-breaker Lenin was put in operation on December 3, 1959. An Open Door Day on board this nuclear ice-breaker is being held for the residents and visitors of Murmansk for the first time on Monday. Meetings of pupils and students with well-known sailors are to be held at the Murmansk schools and higher educational establishments on this day. The veterans and workers of the civil nuclear fleet and of the Atomflot repair-technological enterprise as well as representatives of the ships of the Navy and of the bodies of power of the city and Region will gather at the Regional Philharmonic Society to-night. A festive concert for them will be given.