Russian President Lays Accent On The Adoption Of A Package Of Draft Laws On The Pension Reform Till The End Of The Year

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said with satisfaction that the State Duma (lower house of parliament) has adopted a number of "serious laws concerning, in particular, the pension and judicial reforms. While opening a conference with key Cabinet members in the Kremlin, the President asked the government "not to lose the speed" and before the end of the year to adopt the planned draft laws from the pension reform package. The adoption of the laws concerning the judicial reform, is important both for the country as a whole and for its rank-and-file citizens. Vladimir Putin explained that, on the one hand, the judicial reform would improve human rights protection and, on the other, would give "a positive impulse" to the economy of the state, because the role of the judicial system in the market economy and in the transitional economy is "very important."