Russian Trade Unions Ready To Work With Authorities As Part Of Constructive Dialogue

Mikhail Shmakov, chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, has announced during a RIA Novosti press conference that the country's trade unions are ready to work with representatives of the authorities as part of a "constructive dialogue." "If constructive dialogue does not work, then we have other methods of pressure on the employer," said Shmakov. At the same time, he indicated that the trade unions would solve their problems by entirely legal means as part of their role within society. Shmakov also said that his federation did not only see the authorities as its main opponent, but also "owners, employers." "The time has come to share the incomes, wages are unacceptably low in Russia," he stressed. In this connection, Shmakov said that the Federation's main task was to fight for increased wages for union members and social guarantees for workers.