Dollar Rate On Inter-Bank Market Stable Despite Rise At Unified Trading Session

At the morning trading session on December 3, the first business day of the week, the weight-average dollar rate rose by 3 kopecks to 29.93 rubles per dollar. Nonetheless, this process did not have any effect on the situation on the inter-bank currency market, at least in the morning. Before noon today the Central Bank had been conducting a currency intervention on the inter-bank market at the level of 29.95 rubles per dollar, and the average rate for deals on USD had not surpassed this level. Dealers remarked on these results in an interview with RBC. At the same time, they did not rule out the possibility that in the afternoon the Central Bank would either give up efforts to contain the dollar rise altogether, i.e. would stop its currency interventions for some time, or would begin to sell dollars at a higher rate. The experts noted that the trade volume had been insignificant at the morning trading session. Explaining this fact, they remarked on the remaining deficit of rubles at commercial banks, despite an increase in the balance at correspondent accounts.