Downward Correction Begins On Russian Stock Market

Today's trading on various floors of the Russian stock market opened with a fall. An overall downward correction has been registered on the RTS and MICEX since January 8. Experts say, the market is at a crossroads now: some investors want to fix their profits after a significant growth, but the majority of Russian brokers are still ready to speculate for a rise. It is hard to tell now, what will be in the future. Actually, a downward correction would be rather natural now. But the market feels so optimistic that the majority of operators may continue purchasing securities without any correction. Anyway, taking into consideration the fact that prices began going down 15 minutes later after today's opening on the MICEX, the market seems to feel like it is entering a period of correction. The situation will mainly depend on news from foreign markets, as they may be a good reason for a fall on the Russian stock market.