Alexander Gorobets: New scandalous case with taped conversations to be continued in court

Yesterday at the press conference Kiev mayor, the leader of Unity party Alexander Omelchenko told that a new scandal about his telephone conversation with Ex-prime Minister Viktor Yuschenko about resignation of Fisrt vice-speaker Viktor Medvedchuk will continue in court. The conversation has become a key object for discussions in the press and on TV recently. Alexander Omelchenko plans to appeal to court because of bugging and publication of his private conversations with the leader of Our Ukraine pre-election coalition.

Mr.Omelchenko did not mention the person he planned to advance a claim against. But his remark was that an open opposition between the Social democratic party of Ukraine, headed by Viktor Medvedchuk, and the Kiev municipal council had been existing for three years already. That is why, as the Kiev mayor says, the information about a plot between Ex-prime Minister Viktor Yuschenko and Alexander Omelchenko surprised none yesterday.

Alexander Omelchenko says, the bugged conversation revealed the opinion not only of the factions Unity or Solidarity and Our Ukraine coalition, but a majority of factions, the opinion that was supported by 234 votes. Besides, Alexander Omelchenko expressed his own opinion regarding former First Vice-speaker Viktor Medvedchuk in the conversation, and he will not reject it. In a word, the mayor of Kiev confirmed the authenticity of the print copies of the telephone conversation.

In the words of Alexander Omelchenko, bugging of private telephone conversations, intrusion into the telecommunication network are considered to be a transgression in all countries. Prominent lawyers with whom Alexander Omelchenko has consulted, consider it to be violation of the human rights and a crime as well. The mayor also drew a parallel with the “tape case” (the scandalous case when Maj. Nikolay Melnichenko recorded harsh statements of President Leonid Kuchma). In Omelchenko’s words, the organizers and executors of the recording acknowledged their aims at undermining Ukraine’s prestige on the international political scene and authority of President Kuchma. When the “tape scandal” outbroke, lots of talks arose about connection of President Kuchma with disappearance of journalist Georgy Gongadze.

Kiev mayor Alexander Omelchenko understands now perfectly well that none in the country is secured from bugging of private and official telephone conversations.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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