Duma Official: "If The Owners Fail To Support The Channel, They Lose It"

Today's resolution of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, which confirmed the resolution of the trial court regarding the TV-6 television channel liquidation was made in full compliance with the law, the leader of "People's Deputy" group of the State Duma Gennadiy Raykov said in an interview to RBC. In the deputy's own words, we are dealing with "a dispute of commercial objects". "We've got to get accustomed to the fact that there's nobody to affect the court's ruling: if you are insolvent, let the court make you pay", he said. He stressed that he doesn't view this resolution as a political one and pointed out that all mass media are "financed by someone". "If the owners fail to support the channel, they lose it", the deputy said. In the situation he can only "sympathize with the channel's personnel, but then again they are all professionals and can always find a job", Raykov concluded.