Unlucky British spy is sentenced to eleven years in prison

The British court showed the world the way how to watch over the interests and the prestige of the country. The former attendant of the security service of the company British Aerospace Rafael Bravo was sentenced to eleven years of imprisonment for his attempt to sell the secret information to Russia. The judges said that Bravo could have caused big damage to the security of Great Britain. They sentenced Bravo to eleven years in prison, in spite of the fact the court had not managed to collect the evidence, that would prove the political reasons or the conspiracy with other people. But Bravo confessed his crime himself.

Here is the story. An unsuccessful spy, working in the security of British Aerospace, stole the documents about the defense system of the company last summer. That information was about the defense systems of the battle choppers Apache, Harrier attack planes and NATO’s latest reconnaissance equipment. Bravo once blurted out to his colleagues at work that he was going to sell the secrets to the Russians. “A Russian agent” met with Bravo some time after – as it turned out later, he was an attendant of the British counter-intelligence. The poor spy was caught right in the White House hotel in Lodon.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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