Sergey Borisov: America was not interested in Bin Laden until Bin Laden was interested in America

The American president has recently announced that the United States were freezing the accounts of several Islamic charity funds. The funds are being suspected of collecting the money for terrorist organizations that operate in the whole world. This is surely a correct measure to take, it is just being taken too late. As Washington ProFile informed, there had been about $4 billion collected in the States over the recent years, that money was used for funding the terrorist organizations. Like the agency reported, the money was collected in an open way, under the pretext of the help for refugees. In the long run, the money was transferred to Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Palestine. The terrorists were collecting the money in the richest country of the world in order to arrange the acts of terrorism against this very country. Washington ProFile said that the terror attack of September 11 was carried out with the use of the American money.

The USA did not limit itself to “the financial help” for the Islamic terrorists. It allowed many of them to enter the country freely. The Islamites could come to America without any problems, while it is a very big problem for many law-abiding foreigners. They were coming to America, reading lectures, calling upon their followers to destroy the enemies of Islam. They must have believed their time had come, otherwise they would continue their work in a big training camp called the United States of America.

There are a lot of known figures on the list of those terrorists, who used the American hospitality: Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s aid and the supervisor of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad; Musa Abu Marzuk, one of Hamasa’s leaders, who set up the Islamic research centres in Chicago and Virginia; Ali Mohammed, who was considered to be the army leader of al-Qaeda, and other well-known terrorists.

The Americans have not shown any interest in the person, who is of great interest to them now. The Los Angeles Times has recently published an article by Mansur Ijaz, the Muslim American, who organized an unofficial communication channel between Sudan and Clinton’s administration. As Ijaz wrote, Clinton and his aids ignored several opportunities to seize Osama bin Laden. Sudans’ president offered the Americans a plan to seize and extradite terrorist number one, as well as the information about the global network, established by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Iranian Hizballah and Palestinian Hamas. “The silence of the Clinton administration in respond to these offers was just stunning,”- Ijaz wrote. Like Ijaz thought, it was Clinton’s counter-terrorist policy, who helped Bin Laden to turn from a common terrorist into a monster. Sudan’s president sent a spokesman for Sudan’s intelligence to the USA in February of 1996. They offered two variants: to detain bin Laden and extradite him to Saudi Arabia, and watch him in Sudan. It is not known, what the Americans were insisting on at that moment, but in May of 1996 the authorities of Sudan offered Bin Laden to leave their country, although they were trying to convince the Americans that it would be easier to keep Osama under control in Sudan. Bin Laden hid somewhere in Afghanistan. Sudan’s authorities had extensive files for Bin Laden’s milieu, but it seemed that the CIA or FBI had more. The events of September 11 showed, what information America had on the score.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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