Unique Private Museum In Kaliningrad

Nikolai Savenkov, a pensioner from Kraznoznamensk, Kaliningrad region /a Western Russian semi-enclave/, runs a small private museum with some really unique weaponry, such as an assault rifle designed for shooting from behind the corner. The assault rifle, an MP-44 assembled in Germany in 1944, has a barrel equipped with a prismatic mirror sight and a special attachment for shooting from behind the corner, and a magazine that holds 30 cartridges. Back in 1944, such assault rifles were handed out to the best Wehrmacht soldiers, who were ordered to fight for East Prussia to the last bullet, explains the museum owner. Savenkov's recent acquisitions include a French scimitar bayonet, a beer barrel that's 102 years old, and a bowl resembling a copper pot of the kind that was used by Napoleon's soldiers.