Middle East at crisis point

The Palestine Authority have complained that their task of rounding up the extremists is being hampered by Israeli interference in the Palestinian territories. After having attacked Palestine Authority police installations, exactly the people who were supposed to be rounding up the extremists, Israel launches a missile attack, killing a baby and a 13-year-old boy.

The deaths of 3-year-old Burhan Al-Himuni and 13-year-old Shadi Arafi were confirmed by the Chief medical Officer of the Al Ahli hospital, Dr. Jihad Badr. The boys were killed when an Israeli military helicopter launched three missiles at the car of a Palestinian militant, Mohammed Sidr, who was wounded in the attack.

The Palestinian Information Minister, Yasser Abbed Rabo, declared that “Ariel Sharon is a murderer of children who does not respect the sanctity of life”. It will be remembered that Ariel Sharon has been linked to the massacres of Palestinian civilians in the Lebanon in the 1980s, for which an investigation is under way in Belgium.

Raanan Gissin, Ariel Sharon’s spokesperson, declared that “we regret that in this war two innocent children have been killed...but if the Palestine Authority had carried out their responsibilities and stopped the militants, we wouldn’t have to go through this situation”.

Meanwhile both sides have urged the US reserve General Anthony Zinni to proceed with his peace plan, although the climate of tension is rising. Hammas and Islamic Jihad suicide bombers vow to revenge every Israeli attack with another suicide bombing. The most recent one was in Haifa, on Sunday, in which eight people were injured. Israel replies to every attack with a political assassination against Hammas or Islamic Jihad leaders.


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