Sergei Borisov: One more anonymous bestseller by Saddam Hussein

A literary sensation in Iraq: a book called “Unassailable Fortress” by an anonymous author has been edited. This book promising to become a bestseller is supposed to be the work of Saddam Hussein. Iraqi television is advertising this book as one about the fight against evil. Television viewers can even see the book jacket decorated with a beautiful woman. The author’s name is not to be seen, but taking into account the scale of the official advertising, it could really have been written by Saddam.

This is his second book. The first one was published last year and was called “Zabiba and the King.” The book told about the love of a nice and popular king of an ordinary married woman. Zabiba embodies the Iraqi nation, while her ruthless husband embodies the cruel West. The ruler asks Zabiba in the book: should people be kept in severity? She answers that yes, they should, because thanks to it, people feel secured. After “Zabiba and the King,” a musical was staged, while soon, a screen version will appear on TV.

And now, one more book of the same unknown author, whose name is known to everybody. It has been officially called “a notable artistic work.” In the novel, there is again a hint of opposition with the West. The combination of love, patriotism, adventures, and open sexual passages should probably raise the spirits of the Iraqi people. According to Christian Science Monitor, not only the people of Iraqi are impatiently waiting for the book but also Western intelligence analyzers. The book’s lines are priceless for them: they will religiously study every word to determine Hussein’s moral and psychological condition. However, experts could be in a hard spot, if it turns out the book has been written by somebody else. The first novel by Saddam Hussein is said only to have been edited by him; however, of course, some phrases and ideas were introduced.

There were some troubles with jacket of the second book. At the beginning of this year, a Canadian artist announced that Hussein had stolen a reserved illustration from him. On the cover, a beautiful woman surrounded by butterflies and doves is pictured.

The edition of “Unassailable Fortress” is very opportune. Americans consider Iraq to be the second possible target of the anti-terrorist operation. The strike could be delivered any day. In his book, Hussein hints at Iraq being able to overcome the evil. Saddam is said not claim credit for his books because of his modesty, while all the income from them is spent for help to poor people. With the professional help of literary men, Suddam Hussein wrote many articles and treatises on different subjects: from issues of socialism to questions of personal hygiene. In particular, he recommends that men to wash themselves once a day while women should wash twice a day.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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