Russia, Ukraine Destined For Economic Integration - Russian Politician

Russia and Ukraine are "destined for economic integration," the president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Arkady Volsky, said at a Ukrainian-Russian business forum in Kharkov on Friday. He said the recent time has seen a breakthrough in economic relations between Russia and Ukraine. He emphasised that the more effective development of bilateral cooperation was promoted by the two countries' presidents. The Russian and Ukrainian Unions of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs came out with an address to the presidents of Russia and Ukraine. It says that an early adoption by the two countries of a joint document on free trade and support by both governments for major economic projects in Russia and Ukraine will promote closer economic cooperation between the two countries. It was decided to make Russian-Ukrainian economic forums in Kharkov annual and to establish a joint centre for information cooperation and monitoring. Participants in the forum proposed establishing Ukrainian-Russian mass media to contribute to social and economic development of the two countries and deepen bilateral relations and founding a Russian-Ukrainian university in Kharkov.