Putin: Russia The Energy Supplier, Ukraine The Energy Transporter Answer For Europe's Security

Russia as a supplier and Ukraine as a transporter of energy resources are responsible for Europe's energy security. This statement was made by the Russian president this Friday at a plenary session of the Russian-Ukrainian business forum in Kharkov when he expressed regrets over that fact that political stereotypes often prevent Russia and Ukraine from benefiting by their advantages. Vladimir Putin welcomed the October agreement of the two countries, concerning Russian gas transit across the territory of Ukraine. Though Russian gas and oil are the bedrock of bilateral economic relations, there are other mutually-advantageous avenues of cooperation, including the defence industry, aircraft-building and space exploration, said the president. Small and medium business, an important part of the common market, are the basis of frontier trade accounting for 20 percent of Russian-Ukrainian turnover. He called upon the industry-and-commerce chambers, entrepreneurs and government officials of the two countries to pay due attention to small and medium business being in no way inferior to major investment projects.