Andrei Krushinski: China to help Myanma

Last week’s visit of Chinese People’s Republic Chairman Jiang Ze Min to Myanma promises good things for this country if it is pressed more by the West in the framework of the so-called "war on terrorism." In 2001, the Chinese leader visited many countries; however, not everywhere was he as honourably received as in Myanma. This visit could be characterized with words “at a proper time, in a proper place.”

As for the time, its peculiarity is the counter offensive of the West against the East under the mask of an anti-terrorist war. China is a large country considered by the West to be an outcast country. China and Myanma have a common border and keep close economical, political, and military ties: China is Myanma's third largest trade partner. However, the last visit on such a level was in 1985. This visit could be estimated as a very daring step, which ,of course, should arouse displeasure in Washington, in whose kindness, China is now very interested, taking into account its entry into WTO.

There are some reasons to think that namely ACEAN countries’ opposition (that in a pointed manner accepted Myanma in their ranks in 1997, in spite of US pressure) resulted in Asian-currency and financial crisis inspired by the US. Myanma was punished for “trampling of human rights” and for its refusal to accept a candidate of the West’s protege, Su Ji, who tried to come to power under cover of her father’s name, Aung San, Myanma’s national hero. Aung San was killed by British agents and his friends, of course, were attentive to his family: his widow was appointed a high diplomat, while his daughter was sent to Great Britain to study. She married an Englishman there and completely forgot her country and her father she had never seen. Some services decided for her to be a Gorbachev in a skirt. She was sent to Myanma and won an election. Fortunately, Aung San’s true supporters realized with what danger this “velvet revolution” was threatening to their motherland. The pretender was not admitted to power (however, at that time, she was rewarded with Nobel Prize of Peace). Since that time, Myanma had to fight for its right on sovereignty, while the West’s economical sanctions and demagogue democrats were against it. Though, the country has some friends, China and ACEAN countries, that supported Myanma in 1997.

As for Jiang Ze Min’s visit to the country, 100-million-dollars worth of investments were signed. This money will be spent on agriculture, infrastructure, and the development of human resources. The political support of Jiang Ze Min was expressed with the following words: “Every country has the right to choose a way corresponding with its realities.” This seems to be not only a gesture of charity by China. In today’s situation, after China’s engaging into “world globalization," China needs true friends as never before.

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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