Russia fighting for Iraq

On Sunday, the war against the Taliban and Al-Qaida carried out by the anti-terrorist coalition with the US at the head neared its conclusion. Some officials at the White House are in favor of spreading the anti-terrorism war to other outcast countries.

Most Americans support the extending of the war to other countries, while 78 percent of US citizens speak in support of a military strike on Iraq. This is testified to by the results of a poll carried out in the US by Newsweek.

According to the poll, 75 percent of Americans support strikes on “terrorist targets” in other countries of the Middle East. Sixty-six percent believe that such strikes might be delivered on targets in Somalia and at the Philippines. The Russian position on this question was expressed by Vladimir Putin.

Russia hopes that the US will consult with European countries before starting a war on terrorism beyond the bounds of Afghanistan, the Russian President said in his interview with the Financial Times. However, the Russian president warned against military agression against Iraq. The anti-terrorist coalition’s next task should block sources of terrorist activities’ financing, he stated. Though, for the time being, we have neither information nor proof of Iraq financing terrorist activities. The president criticized US aircraft’s bombardments of Iraq. According to him, the world community’s main task is to prevent Iraq from creating weapons of mass destruction, and bombardments will not help in this.

Russia would like Iraq to permit UN armament inspectors on to its territory in exchange for he sanctions’ full abolition, - Putin stressed. Though, he admitted this idea was not welcomed by the Iraqi leadership.

Russia’s voice in support of Iraq was met with approval by Washington’s European allies. In particular, Germany announced that it would categorically oppose any anti-Iraq military operation until evidence of Hussain’s guilt is presented. I wonder, will the US listen to its European allies’ position? I suppose that it will not. At least, the US withdrawal from the ABM testifies to this it. Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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