Andrei Krushinski: 26 explosions in China

Last week was marked in China with 26 explosions as a result of which 26 people died. Each of the explosions could be interpreted as a revenge, while the most cruel was the revenge of nature. PRAVDA.Ru already wrote about some mistakes made in decentralization of control over minerals mining. Accident rate seriously increased after the control was handed over to local bodies (now private owners can obtain licences for working coal and ore). It was decided to close several dozens of small mines, though some owners managed to avoid control, while somebody just does not carry out interdictions, especially now, when heating season has started. So, last Friday, a new explosion of ore gas in southern province Hunan happened. As a result, 11 miners died. Next day, in Guadun province, a series of 23 explosions swept over. According to the investigation, the explosions were committed by certain Lin Gonyian who also died in the explosion. The motive is revenge on his brother-in-law who divorced with his sister. Self-made explosions were placed in different dwelling houses of two cities Chjantziang and Ziamene. At the same time he punished some of his personal enemies. As a result, five were killed, seven were injured. At the beginning of last week, a peasant from Sichuan brought a bomb to the surgeon who had unsuccessfully operated his eye. So, the patient killed the ophthalmologist, himself and three more innocent patients. According to the police, the bomb that ruined the whole storey was made of chemicals the inhabitants of that place use as manure. Finally, in north of the country, in Shensi province’s main city of Sian, an explosion resounded this Saturday, that especially alarmed the local press: the bomb was placed in a McDonalds restaurant. As a result, one person was killed, 28 were injured. Some people suppose this action was organized by Yugur separatists. Such irrational revenges become usual in China. In this March, the country was alarmed with the report about explosions in Shiziachjuang, Khebei province’s administrative centre. Certain Zin Juchao exploded four five-storey houses: in one of these houses his neighbour hated by him lived, in the second - his former wife with her new husband, in the third – his stepmother, while in the fourth – his sister, who had got a bigger part of their mother’s inheritance. This revenge cost 112 lives (108 people died in the houses’ ruins, while the initiator of the explosions and three peasants who sold explosions to him were put to death).

Andrei Krushinski PRAVDA.Ru Beijing

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