Vladimir Putin To Hold A Session Of The State Council Presidium In The Kremlin On Problems Of Small And Medium-sized Businesses

Russian president Vladimir Putin will hold a session of the State Council presidium in the Kremlin on problems of the development of small and medium-sized businesses. On Wednesday, this issue will be considered by the State Council at its last session this year. Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Alexander Abramov told RIA Novosti that members of the government -- vice-premier, finance minister Aleksei Kudrin, head of the economic development ministry German Gref, anti-trust policy minister Ilya Yuzhanov and presidential economic aide Andrei Illarionov have been invited to take part in the presidium session. Head of the State Council working group, governor of the Leningrad region Valery Serdyukov will submit the concept of support to small and medium-sized businesses for consideration of presidium members. On Wednesday, a corresponding government programme, being prepared by the anti-trust policy ministry, will be presented at the State Council session. Valery Serdyukov pointed out that the main idea of the concept of support to small and medium-sized businesses in Russia is to simplify taxation to the maximum.