Moscow Authorities Forecast Revenues From Land Rent In 2002

Moscow authorities are expecting to receive about 16 or 17 billion rubles ($528 or 561 million) in revenues from renting lands and municipal property in the capital of Russia in 2002. This information was reported by first deputy mayor of Moscow Oleg Tolkachev at a meeting of the Moscow government today. He reported that, as of now, they received 13.5 billion rubles ($446 million) and the total volume of revenues from land rent is expected to reach 14.3 billion rubles ($472 million) in 2001. Tolkachev also reported that the task for this year was more than 10 per cent overfulfilled. In addition, he stated that Moscow will receive about 300 million rubles ($9.91 million) in dividends this year. As of now, Moscow municipal agencies own shares in 544 public companies.