Buying Foie-gras is an act of cruelty

To enhance the growth of the liver, ducks and geese are force-fed for between 20 and 30 days, three times a day, through a funnel which is rammed 30 centimetres down their throats, down which feed is forced. The quantity is so great that the human equivalent would be 13 kilos of spaghetti, every day.

The birds are held captive in tiny cages, in which they can neither stand up or open their wings. During the force-feeding, they are deprived of water. The force-feeding causes a precocious swelling of the liver, increasing from its normal weight of 50 grammes to between 300 and 500 grammes.

Certain countries have prohibited the production of foie-gras (which means “fat liver” in French), namely Poland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Norway.

There is a movement within the European Union to ban this act of unjustifiable cruelty.


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