Saddam Hussein to be overthrown by the opposition

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein called upon the leaders of the Arab countries to summon an urgent session to discuss the situation in the Middle East due to the escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

According to the Iraqi president, the session must take place in Mecca or in any other place that is holy to the Muslims, where all Arab leaders could gather, CNN reported. The Iraqi leader has developed an active political work lately. The contacts with the representatives of Iran had a goal to remove the contradictions between the two countries after the long Iranian-Iraqi war. Now there is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Saddam has probably sensed the heat coming. That is why the support of the Arab countries would be very good for him, in case if the military operations start. Moreover, one may now say for sure that Moscow is losing the struggle for Iraq. How come? President Putin has recently expressed his negative attitude to the military operation against Iraq. What more can be done? You should bear in mind that the harshness of the Russian statements pertaining to this or that issue of the international policy does not prove our force, it more testifies to our weak point – having pity. Any words must have a force behind them, to let the opponent realize it. Then the words from a president of a country would be perceived absolutely different.

No matter what we want, no matter what we say about what we want - America will do everything its own way, like it has always been, on the ground of its own interests and nothing more.

Why is America so persistent regarding the access for the international experts to the Iraqi laboratories, while there are a lot of labs in America, in which they produce the biological weapon that is probably used against the Americans themselves. Speaking about the extremist organizations – there are a lot of them in the States. Maybe everyone forgot Timothy McVeigh?

MIGnews agency published a curious schedule of a coup d’tat in Iraq, carried out by the opposition. Washington has reportedly evinced an interest in it. The Iraqi opposition is going to overthrow Hussein with Iran and USA’s support. The Iraqi opposition is strengthening the lobbying of the American government in order to start the military operation in Iraq on the Afghani scenario sooner, to put an end to Hussein’s regime. It is noticed in this respect that the forces of the Iraqi opposition may count on the total support of the Iranian government. The leader of the Iraqi National Congress Ahmed Chalabi handed a detailed plan to George Bush’s administration about the bombing of Iraq and the deployment of the American special forces on Iraq’s territory. It was said that the Iraqi National Congress had already obtained Iran’s agreement to deploy the troops in the southern districts of Iraq from the Iranian territory.

There is an unofficial information, which said that the mentioned plan had been approved and modified by the Pentagon. Pursuant to Chalabi’s schedule, the Iraqi National Congress makes an incursion in the territory of the southern Iraq from Iran, sets up the strengthened bases and proclaims the temporal government; the USA immediately acknowledges it legitimate.

No need to mention that Saddam Hussein will not like such a turn of events and he will do something to suppress the actions of the National Congress. This will be the right time for the American Air Forces to strike the south of Iraq and deploy thousands of commandos.

The strike will be accompanied with the rebellion of the Iraqi Kurds, supporting the National Congress. If it all happens according to this plan, then there will surely be a split within the Iraqi militaries and Saddam Hussein will have to face a dilemma: whether to dispatch its elite troops to fight with the American army or with the forces of the opposition, or to save the governmental army for the protection of its positions, in case if there is a possible incursion in the north of Iraq.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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