Yakuts will get sky with diamonds

So Yakut epic has been finished. Yesterday, the court reestablished registration of Vyacheslav Shtyrov, Alrosa company’s head, after Russian Supreme Court confirmed his right to be a candidate for President of Yakutia. The resolution was made according to personal statement of Irkutskenergo company’s director general, Vladimir Kolmogorov, who refused to take part in the election. The same decision three more pretenders to the presidential chair made: Mikhail Nikolaev, today’s President of Yakutia, the republic’s internal minister Semen Nazarov, and Yakut education minister Yevgeni Mikhailov. While yesterday, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation reestablished registration as candidates of two more Yakut businessmen: A.Maksimov and M.Sannikov. Though this step looks more like a charity for public opinion, than like reinstating of the violated law, that cannot exist in principle in this field (what is proved by the whole election campaign). Shtyrov took the fancy of the Kremlin. Of course: many-million incomes could be brought by the contract between Alrosa company and De Biers. So Shtyrov deserves the post as an encouragement prize. Therefore, if the weather and the electorate do not let down, Shtyrov will soon change his director’s chair to the president’s one. I am only sorry for Yakut voters, who have become hostages of big policy. Though, people have been always regarded only as small screws the ruler can turn up as they want.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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