Hamas announced cessation of fire

Palestinian extremist group Hamas announced about the temporal cessation of the suicide bombers attacks on Israel, RIA Novosti informed. According to the information from the media, such a statement was made by a spokesman for the Hamas leadership today. He asserted at that, there was more information to follow about the further actions of the group.

PRAVDA.Ru has already reported there had been a split within Hamas group. The radical wing of the organization insisted on the continuation of the intifada against Israel. Such a position of the organization has put a cross on the opportunity to regulate the Middle East crisis. Hamas has outlawed itself, continuing its policy of terror – not only for Israel and for the Western community, but also for the Palestinian administration, which was forced to take extreme measures for the sake of its own protection.

It is not known, how long the truce is going to last, but in any case, one may say that today’s statement from Hamas is Arafat’s small victory - he has managed to prove it to everyone, to Israel first and foremost, that he is controlling the situation. It is a spare trump card for him at the future negotiations.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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