Nicholas Tanery: SERBIAN REQUIEM

“Because we resisted, we have been subjected to all the pressures that can be applied to people in today's world. The number and intensity of these pressures multiplied as time went by. The people of Serbia would know the fate of the Kurds, with a prospect of being exterminated more speedily than the Kurds since they are less numerous.” President Milosevic's Speech to the Nation Delivered Monday, October 2, 2000

The Hague was in the 20 Century the seat of the World Court, a court distinguished by the application of law to relations and disputes between states and its careful judicial ruling virtually defined International law as it is studied today in the academy. The World Court never laundered its findings in public before or during judicial proceedings. The present court-The Hague “Tribunal”- has been operating in its noble shadow. The Hague “Tribunal” is born of mischief, and motivated by bias and deep-seated Serb Hating malice. The “Tribunal” is at odds with the UN charter and is not patterned after the World Court but after the WWII precedents of Nuremberg.

The earliest proposal for the Tribunal came in 1992 after reprisals from some Serbian national resistance fighters such as Arkan's Tigers came into view of UN observers and latter was fitted snugly into the State Dept/C.I.A. media matrix. (See “Is CIA behind Yugoslav Assasinations?” Workers World News Service, Feb 24, 2000 Bill Wayland) The U.S. Ambassador to the UN (Madelaine Albright) provided the starting funds and hired the first legal team of jurists. Analysts have suggested that her intense and public dislike of Serbs is rooted in a distant and personal past , as an adolescent in a diplomatic family little Madelaine lived in Belgrade (See “Will the US destroy the UN.” Strategic Policy, June-July 1996 Gregory Copley).

WWII imagery has played a significant role in the NWO’s (New World Order) illusory re-creation of a “new Holocaust”. For ten years running we have been fed a steady barrage of so-called concentration camps, civilian convoys, and Hitlerian allegories for a patriot who was thrice elected by his beloved Yugoslavian people who remained perennially under siege by at least 19 countries that have about 98X its population. Since 1991 at least 1 million Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from western Slavonia, Krajina, and Bosnia-Herzegovina alone. The Bosnian Muslim regime supported by Clinton’s circles in D.C. and Bonn’s Teutonic New Order destroyed scores of Orthodox Christian churches and sanctuaries and then used UN- “safe zones” to launch attacks on nearby rural Serbs in gory incidents that rarely reached Western media. (See “Massacre of Yugoslavia” The New York Review, Jan 30 1992 Misha Glenny) The gory details were shown on Greek and Yugoslav media of Serb victims often impaled and roasted alive in a return to by gone execution methods used on resistance during the 400 years of Turkish dominion some 2 centuries ago.

The Myth of Srebrenica has been used to demonize Serbs for the past 6 years with the nodding approval of such media watchdogs as Mike Albert of Z-magazine website, Howard Zinn, and various peace activist groups of the American progressive community. Not to mention the sanctimonious affirmation of the Holocaust prophet from N.Y. Elie Wiesel and his patron organizations the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee. When the UN declared Srebrenica a “safe zone” in 1993 they never bothered to disarm the Bosnian Muslim army under the command of Nasir Oric. Oric's troops were actually acting in the tradition of volunteer Bosnian Muslims who happily slaughtered Serbs, Gypsies, and Jews during WWII. According to a report in the 16/07/95 issue of the “Toronto Star” Oric boasted of killing hundreds of Serbs and showed Western reporters home videos of heaps of headless and mutilated Serb men and burnt houses. In a Washington Post report (16/02/94) Oric explains how “we had to use cold weapons that night” as scenes of knife gashed men flash on his 21' Sony Reclining on a couch, clothed head to toe in camouflage fatigues, a U.S. Army patch proudly displayed over his heart the Muslim commander is the toughest guy in this town (of Srebrenica), which the UN Security Council has declared a protected “safe zone” Oric’s immediate superior was and is the head of the Bosnian Muslim regime in Sarajevo-Alija Izetbegovic- who worked for Hitler's Gestapo and the “SS Handzar Division” ( See a detailed expose on his Nazi post in the Russian gazette Izvestia, November 17, 1992) The U.S. State Department supports this regime in Sarajevo. By the summer of 1995 the murderous wrath of this regime in the so-called “safe zone” forced the Bosnian Serb army to retake Srebrenica in an engagement complete with massive forest fires set by the retreating killers that allowed most of Oric’s executioners to get away with the exception of some 2,000 who were killed in the fighting on both sides. Oric escaped without a scratch and now runs a brothel in the town of Tuzla. The US Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke claimed that up to 8,000 Muslims were massacred. The graves were dug up last summer and the identification of the vast majority of the bodies is far short of this unconfirmed 8,000 estimate. Many of these gravesites are in towns that were targeted by Oric's killers. The number has been repeated by a myriad of media outlets and NGO’s. The PR firms of Ruder Finn and Hill and Knowlton hired by Croatia and the Sarajevo regime has helped to spread this lie in order to demonize the Serbs. Ruder Finn is also the firm that orchestrated the well circulated supposed concentration camp photo of an emaciated Muslim man in a camp behind barbed wire photo that was aired on British television and was strategically disseminated to the ADL to garnish American Jewish sympathy for “the new Holocaust”.( See "War Lies & Videotape". International Action Center.New York, NY 2000) An investigation by a small newspaper of a British group called Living Marxism exposed this as a hoax through a simple cursory examination of the fence post footage and revealed to the unsuspecting eye that this emaciated man was actually standing outside the camp. A Yugoslav news crew even caught the Brit team in action fishing for a story before the final fabrication, the footage reveals that this was an infirmary that distributed food and medicine to suffering refugees of all persuasions including Serbs, Muslims, Gypsies, et al. The Muslims were on tape and could offer no complaints and the emaciated man was in fact being treated for tuberculosis.

Perpetrators of at least one genocide-Germany-have united in their animosity toward Serbia. The right and left have labeled the Serbs as communists and with just as much conviction as fascists. Often the German press has characterized the Serbs as the last bulwark of bolshevism thus re-incarnating the animosity bourgeois Germany felt toward the Soviet Union. Historically, Germans fought bitter wars against the Serbs in both World Wars and the Germans have now even sided with their former allies-the Albanians, Croats, and Bosnian Muslims. Germany has also had deep military and diplomatic relations with Turkey since the 19th Century. The German media has expressed ludicrous fear of Serbia eventually attacking Turkey and some circles have flirted with the idea of promoting Turkey into a New Balkan Order of neo-Ottoman dominion.

The German Bundes Nachrichte Dienst BND in a joint endeavor with the CIA played key roles in installing a right wing Croatian nationalist government under Franjo Tudjman in a territory carved out of Yugoslavia. According to informed sources and the memoirs of former East German intelligence chief Marcus Wolf (See “Man Without a Face”. Public Affairs Pub, 1997,Marcus Wolf) BND has a close operational relationship with both the Turkish Intelligence MIT and Israel’s Mossad. At least seven Bosnian Muslim concentration camps were functioning under BND and CIA mandate. Turkish government networks (MIT, the Grey Wolves etc.) have a long history of channeling contraband over the Balkans in close collaboration with BND and The Agency. In the 90s this alliance helped parachute mujahadeen’s from Afghan glory days into Yugoslavian killing fields while distributing pilfered Soviet arms and East German uniforms and small arms to the Sarajevo regime and later on to the KLA in Kosovo and its recent reincarnation - the NLA in Macedonia.

The Heroin pipeline running though the Balkans from Turkey is estimated to account for some $600 million a month in revenue easily dwarfing any legal corporate enterprise I can think of. The Agency now has its thumb in a Balkan cash pie that was once a thin trickle dominated by corrupt politburo hacks. Kosovo and Macedonia not only represent a C.I.A./BND encroachment on Russia's possible resurgence in the region. 75% of the Heroin feeding Western Europe comes from Turkey with Kosovo and Macedonia as the land route: an estimated 6-8 metric tons each month.

Incidentally, Dick Cheney’s cement firm has the contract for a 25 square mile concrete in-fill helicopter base in Kosovo. Baby Bush has already set up the new designated Balkan Banana Republic-Macedonia-for a great fall with his remarks of concern for “Albanian insurgency». The Albanian Mafia (the major distributor of Heroin to Switzerland, Germany, and Austria) with a major base in Tetovo, Macedonia has been steadily escalating its violence in the precedent set by Kosovo. Attacks and then the expected retaliation by what the State Dept/C.I.A. media matrix calls “Anti-Albanian Slavs” sets in motion a fine tuned human rightist intervention, the Modus Operandi of the self-righteous emperor.

Serbs are what many historians term “The Central Power” of the Balkans. A rugged, proud, and insolent when taunted people. The Serbs to their eternal honor were the first nation alongside the Greeks to successfully revolt against the Ottoman Turks. When Mr. Hitler wanted help in implementing his exterminationist plans Serbia refused and sacrificed one million of its sons and daughters in a resistance that held down over 250,000 crack Nazi troops. Of all the nations in the Balkans only Serbia and Greece did not have German volunteer units. Before WWII Kosovo was over 50% Serb-Albanian, Croat, and Bosnian Muslim volunteer Nazi terror armies organized by the Abwehr and the SS hunted down and killed thousands of Serbs with axes, picks, and saws. In fact, sporadic violence by the Albanians against Serbs in Kosovo continued until 1951. If anything the Albanians are much like the “White Trash” Down South which after the American Civil War saw their former slaves regaining basic human dignities. A Nazi or a Klansman usually teaches his kids his values. When NATO's German contingent marched into Kosovo in June '99 they were greeted by columns of young Albanians arms outstretched screaming “Heil”. Since the liberation of Kosovo by NATO over 300,000 Serbs, Gypsies, Turks, Slavic Muslims, and pro-Yugoslav Albanians have been cleansed out of Kosovo . Over 30,000 senior citizens forced out of a housing complex in Pristina for UN rental space, 95-year-old Serbian women strangled in her bathtub, and a Serbian priest with his eyes gouged out with a spoon.

Indeed, the images of WWII have been re-created but now the new Nazi NATO order has money and self-righteous fronts like Mr. Soros' Human Rights Watch and Albright’s Hague Tribunal. Leading President Milosevic away in handcuffs to Albright’s kangaroo court in Holland on June 28th*- the most sacred day in the Serbian History is an affront to the pride of all oppressed people who are being forced or hoaxed into realizing that history never repeats itself.

*To understand the Serbs is to understand their sense of pride; it is to understand why the Serbs celebrate June 28, St. Vitus Day, the day of the Kosovo Battle of 1389. Those who hate the Serbs claim we are sick people who celebrate a day of defeat. (The actual battle, according to countless history books, was a draw; both the Serbian King and Turkish Sultan perished.)

The Serbs do not celebrate this as victory or defeat. They celebrate the bravery, the pride of their forefathers who came to meet on the battlefield the intruder to their homeland. It did not matter that the advancing forces were immense. To protect their way of life, to protect their families, to protect freedom, all Serbian nobility came to fight. Most of them died on that day, June 28, 1389. Since that day the Serbs firmly knew that FREEDOM HAS NO PRICE. Many Serbs, through generations and time, easily sacrificed their lives for freedom.

The Hague 'Tribunal' is not the first time that a conqueror attacks the Serbs as physical beings, but also attacks their pride. To keep a people subjugated, the oppressors knew you have to destroy their pride. That is why, exactly on June 28, 1914, Prince Ferdinand, the Austrian heir to the throne, decided to have military maneuvers in Bosnia, then a majority Serbian province which the Austro-Hungarian Empire had illegally annexed six years before. The Serbian answer was to assassinate Ferdinand. That is how World War I started, remember? Some 50% of the Serbian male population perished in that war! Every second man.

The story of that Serbian sacrifice and Golgotha should be in every elementary history book. That was the price the Serbs were ready to pay. ( Excerpt from The Theft of the Serbs' Only Treasure by Petar Makara. July 5, 2001)

Nicholas Tanery is a Greek American activist and writer who works toward the liberation of the peoples of Asia Minor, Cyprus, the Balkans, and other targeted people of the New World Order. He is originally from New York City and was educated in the City College of New York and Portland State University in Classical Civilization and European History.Nicholas Tanery is very active in the Greek American community.