"Tatarstan - Novy Vek" Movement Gathers For A Congress In Kazan

Kazan, the capital of Russia's republic of Tatarstan, hosts the fourth congress of the most popular republican public and political movement Tatarstan - Novy Vek (TNV) on Saturday, December 22. On Friday, the republic's media published Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiyev's address to congress participants, which identified the TNV as a movement uniting many public organisations of Tatarstan, representatives of almost every social layer and age group, and people of different political views and convictions. The TNV, which is known as one of the largest public organisations of Tatarstan, is headed by speaker of the Tatar parliament Farid Mukhametshin. Its Political Council unites prominent deputies and directors of large enterprises. According to the movement's declarations, the primary task of Tatarstan - Novy Vek is to help preserve and increase the republic's potential of stability, conciliation and creative force. The ultimate goal of the movement is to build truly democratic society in Tatarstan.