Anna Kolchak: “Trained dog” bites trainer

The Alfa-Group financial and industrial corporation is displeased with the president’s adviser, Andrei Illarionov. This his discontent has increased after his latest appearance at a recent “round table” in the Alexander House, which was later elucidated by Kommersant-Daily. The Kommersant-Daily has a large circulation and now plays the same role that Pravda played when it was the publication of the Communist Party's Central Committee. In other words, it is a kind of directive organ, abd Andrei Illarionov’s position did not obviously correspond with the Kremlin’s position. Therefore, some conclusions should be made. It should be noted that posts in the president's administration cannot be occupied by just anybody. If in the Duma, representatives of different groups (even of criminal ones) can have seats, the higher structures attentively choose their members: representatives of the Alfa-Group, Lukoil, and SibAl companies go there. As is well known, Mr Illarionov, since his student days, has been promoted by the well-known Petr Aven, who is not the last person in the Alfa-Group. Petr Aven himself hardly would run through the Kremlin corridors, while pretending to be either a trained dog or an old boy scout. And besides, his biography does not correspond with today’s style of Kremlin residents, but his protege is suited very well.

However, Aven’s protege seems to have grwon tired to been a boy scout, or he simply became irritated, understanding he would never become a minister or something more. Therefore, he became insolent, and once he even posed as an unrecognized genius and, later, could not change this pose for something else. There are rumours that Alfa has nothing against replacing its protege for a less confrontational person. However, it turned out that there were not so many famous economists in the country. There is one more variant: the new leadership, while gradually turning from a dialogue with society to monologues, no longer needs a trained dog. Is it not possible to change this uncontrollable professor to a business-like officer?

Anna Kolchak PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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