Our reader Masoud Akbarzadeh: For eradication of terrorism international powers should focus on its roots

On the threshold of auspicious birth anniversary of the prophet of peace and justice, Jesus Christ and new Christian year, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to you and your colleagues in "PRAVDA" .

The year which is going to end was full of incidents and disaster for humanity. The September 11 tragedy which occurred in New York and Washington, and killed innocent people, was not only a disaster for America but also for all the people around the world. Humanity condemns slaughtering innocent people, it doesn't make any difference where in the world it happens or for what reasons. It is something completely unacceptable.

The tragedy of Sep 11, draw global attention to terrorism. But at first we should define what the terrorism really is. Honestly, we should pay attention to the fact that movements against oppression can not be called terrorism. Terrorism always grows where there is no logic or dialogue among people or civilisations. Perhaps if the world had condemned terrorist actions in Hiroshima, Vietnam, Palestine, Bosnia and so on in time, we couldn't have been witness of the recent terrorist attacks in New York. And also it should be mentioned that, for eradication of terrorism, international powers should focus on the roots of terrorism and not on the effects of that. They should survey their previous wrong doings and motives which lead to this kind of actions as well.

In the new year, the spirit of co-operation and dialogue is expected to be taken more seriously. Perhaps mankind, exhausted by wars and rivalries, will decide to choose to follow the guidelines of prophets and respect collaborative efforts among the community of nations in the volatile world of today. Perhaps international welcome to the idea of dialogue among civilisations can be a turning point toward achieving mutual understanding and global definition of justice and humanitarian ideals. This approach should not be restricted to the year of 2001.

I am convinced that in the shadow of modern technology and global village of telecommunication, it is not something incredible and can be obtained very soon. As a Muslim and a citizen in the country which for many years was victim of terrorism, I suggest Sep 11, as the international day for campaign against terrorism, in the event of agreement with this proposal, I would be grateful if you could kindly announce it to your public opinion through civil organisations or mass media. In the new year, I hope that, in the light of wisdom, humanity and justice which are basic principles for all the divine religions and deep rooted cultures, we don't witness this kind of terrorist attacks any more.

With best regards and best wishes for you and your colleagues, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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