Sergey Borisov: Osama-baby-boom in Nigeria

The most popular name to give it to a baby boy in Nigeria is Osama. As the Nigerian Vanguard newspaper wrote, “the Osama season” started in the northern areas of the country after the events of September 11. The doctors of one of the hospital in the town of Kano said that 70% of babies, who they took care of, were named Osamas. This name means a lot for the Nigerians. The parents think that a character of their baby will much depend on the name they give to their children. A baby’s name usually reflects the details of his or her birth, the spiritual values of the entire family. The values of the Nigerian people are different from the Western ones. Osama bin Laden is a hero for them, that is why they want their children to bear his name. As one of the happy fathers said, Bin Laden was a hero for him, because he disgraced America - the country, which considered itself to be the most powerful one in the world. This Nigerian dad wants his son to have the bravery Bin Laden has, so he gave that name to his baby boy. The citizens of the town of Kano, as well as of other settlements of the Muslim north of Nigeria, rejoiced after the terror attack on America on September 11, and then they started naming their children in Osama bin Laden’s honor.

The Nigerian officials believe that the number of little Osamas is a lot more, because not all born children are registered. Osama is the reason of the family conflicts, not to mention the international ones. BBC informed, one Nigerian woman from Kalabar protested against her husband’s decision to name their child after terrorist number one in the world. She claimed, she’d better get divorced, than do that, and left the home. The husband does not want to compromise either. But the majority of other Nigerian woman are not that stubborn, so a lot men in the north of Nigeria will soon be Osamas.

Despite all the efforts on the part of the Americans, they can not shake Osama bin Laden's authority in the Muslim world. The mind-set of the Muslim world is very different from the Western world. They have Osama-baby-boom in Nigeria, but in the West Osama bin Laden is the person, who is hated most of all. Madam Tussauds museum has recently carried out a research, and the results of the research showed that Osama bin Laden is now ahead of Adolf Hitler, having become the most hated man for the humanity. Although Nigeria is a part of the humanity too.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov