Football World Cup: Who makes second stage?

Russia, Belgium, Tunisia and Japan make up group H. In principle, Russia should get through to the second stage, along with Belgium.

In group A, France, Senegal, Uruguay and Denmark, the two European teams should get through, as also in group B, with Spain, Slovenia, South Africa and Paraguay. The two Portuguese-speaking countries, Brazil and Portugal, seem to have an easy ride in groups C and D (Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Turkey) and (Portugal, USA, Poland, Korea).

While Germany and Ireland in group E seem to have an easy task at the expense of the Cameroons and Saudi Arabia, groups F and G are more complicated.

In group F, Argentina, England, Sweden and Nigeria will fight for the two places for the next round, while in group G, two European teams, Croatia and Italy, line up against two South Americans, Mexico and Equador.