Serious guys from lime factory

In today’s Russia, theft occurs on a more serious scale than it did during the USSR, when a screw was enough for thieves. Today’s Russian thieves prefer bigger things, even rails themselves, at that, dozens of meters of railroad track.

Yesterday, in the Leningrad region, railroad workers found 66 meters of railroad track missing from Veimarn to Kotly. A brigade from the Internal Affairs Office came to the spot. The policemen detained the thieves hot on their heels. The thieves turned out to be two workers from the Alexeyev Lime Factory. The rails were confiscated and immediately returned to their usual place. Fortunately, the two workers’ hanky-panky didn't any serious consequences.

It should be mentioned that stealing rails has become a tradition in Russia's regions. As a rule, the stolen metal is immediately cut into sections and delivered to a non-iron metal receiving center. Read the original in Russian: