Specialists Forecast Dollar Will Fluctuate Within RUR29.9-29.95 In Near Future

The dollar exchange rate may continue rising slowly on the Russian currency market, however, a lot will depend on the Central Bank, banking analysts noted in an interview with RBC. In general, the dollar rate will continue fluctuating within the range of 29.9 and 29.95 rubles in the near future. Experts did not exclude the possibility that the Central Bank will hamper a rise in the dollar exchange rate despite the mood of market participants who are ready for a rise in the dollar at the beginning of the week. The dollar may surge to 30.1 or 30.15 rubles soon in the event the volume of export revenues coming to Russia reduces. However, energy prices will remain rather high on the world market and the latest trading on the European and US oil markets testified to this forecast. In other words, the volume of export revenues will remain at a high level in Russia and, therefore, no sharp changes should be expected on the Russian currency market.