Yegor Stroyev sends in his resignation. The new speaker’s name already calculated

Today, Yegor Stroyev, speaker of the Russian Council of the Federation informed his colleagues that he had already written his resignation. This statement was made at a session of the Parliament’s upper chamber. Stroyev is remaining the Orel region’s governor, while his post in the Council of Federation will be most likely occupied by St Petersburg Legislation Assembly’s representative, Sergei Mironov. The decision about Mironov’s candidacy was taken today during the session of the Chamber. This was reported by Alexandr Nazarov, Committee of the North’s chairman, one of federation group’s leaders.

Therefore, Moronov has a good chance to occupy the speaker’s chair. His candidacy will be proposed both by the federation group and by the chamber’s council. It looks like the originate from the St Petersburg political elite will soon become the third person in the state.

Thus, Moscow “dynasty” leavs, and the St Petersburg one arrives.

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