Israel: The Palestinian administration is a terrorist organization

Israel considers the Palestinian administration to be “a formation, which supports terrorism.” At night the Israeli tanks entered some of the Palestinian cities of the West Bank. The Israeli aviation bombed the cities of Gaza, Bethlehem before that, 17 Palestinians were injured. Yasser Arafat’s two helicopters were destroyed,. The smolder may grow and devour both Palestine and Israel. The session of the Israeli cabinet of ministers decided to consider the Palestinian administration as a formation, which supports terrorism. As Ariel Sharon said, Arafat had set up the coalition of terrorists, Arafat’s elite security unit Force-17 was announced as a terrorist organisation.

The Israeli security services are working on two variants of struggle with terrorism. The first one is to act in a tougher way, more decisively, right up to recognizing the administration of the Palestinian autonomy as a terrorist formation and declaring war. The second one is “to drive Arafat into a corner” under the American pressure and to make him wage war with terrorism.

The tough actions of the Israeli government were supported by the official American authorities. Ari Fleischer, the White House press secretary said that Israel, from the point of view of the American president, is a sovereign state with a right to protect itself.

Yasser Arafat demanded there should be an urgent session of the heads of the Islamic countries summoned. The Palestinian administration regarded the Israeli bombing of the Palestinian territory as “the official declaration of the war” against the Palestinian National Administration (PNA), a spokesman for PNA, Nabil Aburdena, said to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

According to Arafat’s aide, the government of Israel used the statements from some American officials for escalation of the aggression against the people of Palestine. Aburdena called upon the American administration to take a resolute position and stop the aggression.

The Kommersant newspaper cited a source in the staff of the Israeli government, which said that President Bush “would prefer not to impose any decision to Ariel Sharon, but give him a chance to make this choice.” So, according to this latest information, the American President has not given either green or red light to Israel.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: Smoke rises up after Israeli warplanes hit the Palestinian security headquarters in the Gaza Strip December 4, 2001