Russian Lawmakers Hail Osce Involvement In Anti-terror Effort

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has thrown off its apathy and stepped up involvement in the international anti-terrorism effort, Mikhail Margelov, in charge of the international affairs committee of the Russian Federation Council, or the upper parliamentary house, said in comments on the Bucharest conference of the OSCE council of foreign ministers. Testifying to the above is, in part, a plan of anti-terrorist actions the conference adopted. For us, lawmakers, it is of tremendous importance that improvement of anti-terrorist legislation was in the focus of the Bucharest conference, said Margelov. The Russian senator found it crucial that efforts against terror and organized crime are interrelated in the Bucharest plan. "This is entirely in line with the Russian approach. Transnational mafia syndicates and international terrorist centres are actually acting in team using each other's funds. That is why the measures we will take to meet these challenges must be adequate," emphasized Mikhail Margelov. The Bucharest plan demands the OSCE members guard their borders against trespassing by groupings or separate terrorists. "I believe, the Georgian authorities, in particular, will have to draw related conclusions," said Margelov. Also of importance, according to the lawmaker, is the fact that the OSCE-adopted plan deems it necessary to coordinate anti-terrorist action with other international and regional organizations, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for one. An upcoming Bishkek conference on security and stability in Central Asia will most likely follow this constructive line," said Mikhail Margelov.