Mandela: Do not attack Iraq

He claimed that if the USA and UK extended the fight against international terrorism to a military campaign against Iraq, this would over-ride the United Nations Organisation and create “chaos” in international relations.

Nelson Mandela, now 83 years old, referred to the not so hidden comments by George Bush and Colin Powell about the threat posed to international security by Iraq and pointed out that there were indications of an attack on “old enemies”.

Nelson Mandela claimed that he thought it was necessary to attacks the “terrorists in Afghanistan” but that he was against an indiscriminate attack against Iraq. There have been no clear links yet revealed about Iraqi involvement in the September 11th attacks and speculation about Iraqi involvement in the anthrax campaign has been exposed as misinformation.

Iraq has been placed under an embargo since 1991, which serves to diminish the living conditions of the people, rather than hampering the regime, which was the intention. The United States of America refuses to acknowledge this criticism.