Vladimir Putin: The Issue Of Delivering A Strike On Other Countries During Anti-terror Operation Should Be Discussed In U.N.

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the issue of delivering a strike on other countries in the course of anti-terror operation should be discussed within the framework of the UN. "We should understand what the point at issue is," he said in interview to the Greek TV companies NET-TV and MEGA shortly before his visit to Greece. RIA Novosti received the text of the interview from the press service of the Russian president. Vladimir Putin said that the anti-terror operation was not limited to military operations alone. "We should think here also about the fulfilment of the corresponding UN resolutions to cut short the financing of terrorists". According to the president, the world community "can also expect more cooperative and efficient joint work with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and some other countries of the Middle East -- the countries of the Gulf, for instance in cutting short the financing of the activity of various fundamentalist organisations." Vladimir Putin said that attention should be drawn to the need of settling regional local conflicts, including in the Middle East. "Despite the fact that this is a difficult and old problem, it should be solved, one confronting party should meet the other half-way, and a system of measures of international-legal nature should be worked out at the UN level, which should occupy a worthy place in this joint work, and another global question -- that of eradicating poverty in the world should also be solved," Putin concluded.