Dmitry Litvinovich: One more slap in the face to Arafat

Yesterday’s statement of Hamas leaders that the terrorist acts will be continued until Israel leaves Palestinian territories has been confirmed. One more terrorist act was committed this morning in Jerusalem. A Palestinian terrorist exploded a bomb in the center of the city, not far from the hotel where US envoy to the Middle East Anthony Zinni staying. The terrorist died and at least three people were injured.

The Israeli police do not exclude Israeli internal security minister Uzi Landau, Minister of Health Nisim Dahan, and Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert from being the terrorist’s targets. According to some information, at the moment of the explosion, they should have left the King David hotel.

An operation has been carried out as a reciprocal measure to the recent terrorist acts organized by Palestinians in Jerusalem and Haifa, as a result of which 26 people died. Palestinian Autonomy’s head Yassir Arafat disappeared in an underground asylum in Ramallah, after Israeli missiles exploded at a distance of 50 metres from the building where he was staying. Later, he accused Israeli authorities of they not giving him any opportunity to fight against terrorism and extremism on Palestinian territories. “More cannot be done than has been already done,” – Arafat said. He certainly meant the arrests of Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s militants by the Palestinian police.

However, Israel considers the arrests to be ostentatious and claims that only ordinary extremists were detained and not the organizers of the terrorist acts. Israelis enjoy the support of the US and continue to press down on Arafat. US President George Bush said all the US allies should help save the Middle East from terrorism.

While speaking in Florida, George Bush said the terrorist should appear before trial so there will be peace in the Middle East. According to Bush, while the Israeli people want peace, some people in the Middle East do not want it and use terror to defeat the peace process. Bush called Hamas one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations. Recently, it became known that US and Canada authorities decided to freeze bank accounts of three organizations financing Hamas.

According to president Bush, the question is about the so-called Sacred Land Assistance and Development Fund, based in Texas, and about two banks on Palestinian territories.

It is obvious that the situation is not under control. Further escalation of violence can lead only to a dead-end. Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres understands this. Yesterday, he threatened to resign if Sharon tries to displace Arafat. His moderate views have always countervailed Sharon’s hot temper. However, it looks like the hawk took the bit between his teeth. Therefore, the situation in the Israeli government is not perfect.

As for today’s position of Arafat, many observers suppose as a result of the new attacks on him and his closest supporters he will not have enough authority to deter Islamic radicals. In such circumstances, the Palestinian leader will probably stake on the Arab world, asking for military assistance.

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