Russia Prepared To Carry Out Project Of Building Burgas- Alexandroupolis Oil Pipeline

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has confirmed that Russia is, on the whole, ready to carry out the project of building an oil pipeline from the Bulgarian city of Burgas to Alexandroupolis in Greece, the head of the Russian state said in the interview with the Greek newspapers Eleftherotypia and To Vima on the threshold of his visit to Greece. The text of the interview was received from the press service of the president of the Russian Federation. According to Putin, "if the Bulgarian side displays its desire to cooperate and an interest in this project and if the figures which the concerned companies in Russia are now working on (the feasibility study is now being prepared) are confirmed this project will certainly be translated into life". "Preliminarily I can say that Russia is, on the whole, ready to carry it out", the president of the Russian Federation stressed. As for the project of an oil conduit from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea which has already been implemented, it is called Caspian Pipeline Consortium (KTK), Putin noted. As he said, "we cooperated there with Kazakhstan, and this pipeline is filled mainly with Kazakh oil". "But the prospected reserves, even in the Caspian Sea area, are now so large that it will not be able to cope with all that can be extracted there", Vladimir Putin concluded.