Council Of Federation Ratifies Russian-armenian Agreement On Joint Planning Of Use Of Troops

On Wednesday the Council of Federation /the upper house of the parliament/ has ratified the Russian-Armenian agreement on the joint planning of the use of troops /forces/ in order to provide security. The agreement is to contribute to the establishment of common defence space in the southern strategic direction within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty, said Vadim Gustov, the chairman of the upper house's committee for CIS affairs. The agreement was signed for five years in Sochi in September 2000. The document provides several measures on the cooperation between the armed forces of CIS countries. The Russian and Armenian Defence Ministries are responsible for its practical implementation. They are expected to analyse the military and political situation, to make conclusions on potential threats and to decide on the joint staff of the united group of forces. "It is necessary in the light of the present geopolitical situation in the Caucasus," the senator said.