Andrei Lubenski: Population census started in Ukraine

For the first time over the years of sovereignty, in Ukraine population census will be carried out from 5th to 14th December. From 30th November till 4th December, people involved in the census should have carried out a preliminary round and arrange about the time of their visit (the round is being carried out by 170 thousand people, while totally 250 people are involved in the census). Though, really during their first visit, most of people involved in the census round started to fill in the forms. The citizen threatened with administrative responsibility have to give the full and authentic information about themselves. Though they must not present any documents. To carry out the census, Ukraine is intending to spend about $ 1,190,480 (approximately $ 0.70 for every Ukrainian, what is lower than world norms during carrying out such actions). But then, the state will learn more or less precisely how many nationals its has. It could seem that the number of Ukrainians is already less than 49 million. Ukrainian State Committee of Statistic, Alexandr Osaulenko supposes, the real figure could turn out to be by 1,5 million less, than it is considered officially. However, preliminary results of the census will be known only in April, while final results are supposed to be published at the end of 2003. Though, already today there are doubts the data will be really precise. This is confirmed by the information arriving from regions of Ukraine. According to Obozrevatel web-edition, to carry out the census in Lvov region, the money was apportioned that is enough only to partially pay for the accountants’ work. According to deputy chief of Lvov region statistic office, Lyudmila Potapova, after the preliminary round it turned out that not all Lvov citizen are ready to give the full information about themselves. The most unfriendly people live in central part of the city. In general, that are poor people offended with the state, or so-called “cool” businessmen. In 20 percent of the flats, nobody opened the door.

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