Vladimir Rushailo On Policy Of Double Standards In Respect Of Chechen Terrorists

The way some countries regard the Chechnya problem shows they still haven't overcome the policy of double standards, said Vladimir Rushailo, the secretary of Russia's Security Council, at the Thursday session of the Committee of Security Council leaders from countries participating in the Collective Security Treaty, or the CST. Addressing the assembly, Rushailo remarked, "We have done much already to dissuade the West from applying double standards to terrorism." The United Nations, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union and NATO have lately grown worried about the "Moslem component" of international terrorism and are obviously willing to join Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States in their anti-terrorist activity. However, "certain Western circles have so far failed to overcome their desire to preserve a long-lasting hotbed of tension in a place where it doesn't concern them but seriously affects our vital interests," stressed Rushailo, referring to the dubious attitude to Russia's anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya and the policy pursued by "certain circles in Turkey and Saudi Arabia." The task facing CST parties in this respect is to "initiate an inventory of fulfilment by all the countries of the UN Security Council's Resolution No. 1373, specific! ! ally of the part that deals with measures to stop the financing of terrorism," he stressed. On behalf of the Russian delegation, Rushailo put forth a number of proposals concerning the methods of unifying "anti-terrorist legislation." These proposals will be discussed and coordinated with Western partners.