Vladimir Putin Reiterates Russia's Position That The Re-drawing Of Borders In The Balkans Must Not Be Allowed

Vladimir Putin has reiterated Russia's position that the re-drawing of borders in the Balkans must not be allowed. Speaking at a press conference, which he gave jointly with the president of Greece, Putin emphasised that "no one must be allowed to re-draw borders in this part of Europe under whatever pretext." Russia is ready to interact on this issue with all countries, including Greece, Putin said. Commenting on the present-day situation in the Balkans, the Russian president pointed out that it "could be better" if the international community displayed "more firmness" in countering organisations that seek to solve political problems militarily. "Someone is still inclined to do that," Putin said. At the same time, he noted that "any peace is better than war, and it is good that there is no more shooting in the Balkans today." The president said one must seek to fulfill all resolutions on the Balkan settlement, including U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244.