Sergey Borisov: Reorganization started in FBI

Fundamental changes are starting over in the American FBI, which has been criticized for quite a time. FBI Director Robert Mueller said, the majority of the attendants of his department were positive towards the news. The Bureau, like he said, must determine the priorities of its activity. One of the major objectives is the struggle with terrorism. There were a lot of people, who criticized FBI after the events of September 11, claiming the department was not able to prevent the acts of terrorism.

The head of the Bureau stated, the results of the researches and the opinion of the critics would be taken into consideration at the reorganization process. There will be four new positions of assistant director introduced in the department: assistant director for the criminal investigation, for the struggle with terrorism and counterespionage, for the activity of the law-enforcement bodies and for the management. There were two new divisions established: for struggle with “cybercrimes” and for the home security. One of them will deal with the coordination of the activity of the law-enforcement bodies. The FBI administration hopes that it will become possible to improve the cooperation with the state bodies as well as the informational exchange with them. Another division of the FBI will deal with the introduction of the new technological projections. The third one will deal with the modernization of the system for registration of the documents.

The intelligence administration must improve the ability of the department to analyze the situation and prevent from any kind of acts of terrorism. The division, which deals with investigations, is going to be split into several sub-divisions, which, in their turn, later be included in the new or old supervisory departments.

Robert Mueller, who has been recently appointed for the position of the FBI director, must have had his own plans of the reorganization, before he started working there. The FBI has experienced a lot of bad luck due to a large number of spy scandals lately. The results of the auditing showed that there was a lack of weapons and computers in the FBI. Taking into consideration the September 11 attacks on the USA, Mueller had to make his original plan even more radical.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov