America challenges Saddam Hussein

The coming victory of the anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan is like a super inspiration to the Americans. There are battles in Kandahar taking place currently, but the US is already intending to open the second front in the Middle East. The target is Iraq, of course. The Americans simply can not get used to this idea that Iraq is situated on the planet Earth.

Ten American senators and congressmen sent a letter to President Bush today with a request to start the anti-terrorist war in Iraq. “While we are working in Afghanistan and destroying al-Qaeda, we have to have a plan of what we can do to put an end to the Iraqi threat,” – says the letter. “We think we must challenge Saddam Hussein, the sooner, the better,” – the American congressmen claimed, asking for the adequate measures to be taken, in case if Iraq refuses to provide an access for the UN international inspectors.

The senators also said that Baghdad resumed the programs for creating the chemical, bacteriological and nuclear weapons. To crown it all, they charged Iraq of terrorism, saying Iraq was a sponsor.

Well, Hussein will always have this terrorist label to bear, but the claims about the biological weapons have to go. The well-known specialist in the field of the biological weapon, Richard Spertzel, stated, the scientists will never find a laboratory or a country, from which the anthrax spores come to the American mail.

Like he said, the anthrax spores, found in the letter, addressed to Tom Daschle, were better, than the ones, which were included in the biological weapon program of the USSR, USA or Iraq – from the point of view of the purity and density. America’s logic is very simple: since Hussein does not want the international observers in his country, then he definitely has something to hide. Well, no one allowed to gain entry to the American secret labs.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

Reuters photo: Fireworks illuminate a statue of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein November 7, 2001 during the opening of an international trade fair