Sergei Mironov, new speaker of Federation Council: We are in hard work to guarantee true constitutional rights to every Russian

Yesterday, the Federation Council choose a new speaker. As expected, that was representative of St Petersburg Legislation Assembly, leader of Will of Petersburg social and political movement, Sergei Mironov. His first interview Sergei Mironov gave to Sankt-Peterburgski Kuryer. From this newspaper’s pages, he many times addressed to his countrymen and discussed issues of his native city, told about Will of Petersburg’s activity. This interview was obtained just after the triumph voting for Sergei Mironov’s candidacy.

Question. My sincere congratulations what about your election to the third most important post in Russian state. What does the great politician Mironov feel in these first minutes of his hour of triumph? Answer. First, I would like to thank my native city for its moral support. I also thank my beloved ones, friends, teachers, brothers-in-arms, all St Petersburg voters, he once believed in me and as a result leaded me with their votes to this post. St Petersburg is and it always has been my home. Here I was born and spent my childhood and my youth! Here my spiritual roots are. I am not the first “nestling of Peter’s nest” in supreme power, and I hope not the last one. Though our city has deserved it, taking into account its intellectual potential. And about “hour of triumph” I could say only one thing. I do not feel any triumph. I feel only satisfaction, because all previous years – work and studies 16 hours a day were not vain. I also feel grateful to my colleagues from Federation Council, who supported my candidacy. I secretly wish the newspaper stir based on fantasies and rumours about my election to settle as soon as possible. There are no secrets in my election: recent days as recent years, I was in sight of my electorate. I would like as soon as possible to form and to co-ordinate with my colleagues an exact concept of the work of the Russian parliament’s upper chamber. We are in a hourly, incessant hard work to guarantee constitutional rights to every Russian citizen. Question. Sergei, now, you are the third most important person in the state. So, you hardly will have time for St Petersburg issues. Will you still be at the head of Will of Petersburg? Answer. This movement does not consist only of myself. It was founded by dozens of my friends and brothers-in-arms, thousands of St Petersburg citizens – in other words, people who are not indifferent to the city’s fate and future. And now I could surely say we have created a powerful and authoritative organization which can seriously influence the region’s political and economical life. We will for sure complete our plans and programmes. Of course, my closest helpers and allies will have now more work. Though, they are prepared for it. So, Will of Petersburg will not stop existing. As for myself, you should not forget that I still remain St Petersburg plenipotentiary to the Federation Council, therefore I intend to regularly give accounts for my work to my St Petersburg colleagues and its citizens.

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