Iraq Becomes Basis of “Resistance Mechanism”

Today we cannot speak about the break-up of Saddam’s regime and about future prospects of post-Saddam Iraq. Professional experts are inclined to believe that due to US’s scandalous policy that is practically the same as the international banditism, Saddam Hussein managed to perform political expansion far beyond the limits of the Mideast region. Thanks to his efforts, Iraq has been practically turned into the power of resistance to the mechanism of “de-soveregnization” imposed by the United States.

That is why, no matter if the incumbent Iraqi leader will be alive or dead tomorrow, the platform of resistance he has formed is successfully employed by the majority of the world community; the community that is closing the ranks against the background of “new anti-Americanism”. Besides, Saddam Hussein managed to obtain support of the moderate opposition. The opposition includes a group headed by Adnan al-Pachachi, former foreign minister of Iraq, and a group consisting of former Ba’ath and Naserite followers, the political debris who dropped out of the range because of ideological discrepancies or scandals inside the structure.

Both groups categorically reject the American scenario for post-war situation in Iraq and stand up for strict national positions. According to the recent information, Saddam Hussein informed leaders of these groups that the domestic political situation might change in their favor and got a favorable reply from the groups.


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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